Management Philosophy

Hokkaido Beauty is established under the principle to deliver directly made in Japan quality to women all over the world.

Made in Japan cosmetics has a image that they are high quality but expensive. Products of Hokkaido Beauty are made and packed in factory in Hokkaido to diminish cost, sent directly from the branch office in Malaysia, and delivered to you.

There are many Japanese brands, but there should be few Japanese brands whose staffs live abroad and develop cosmetics listening to the voices of customers there. We are living in Southeast Asia, and have developed cosmetics listening to women there. We develop cosmetics which are adapted to the weather in Southeast Asia with Japanese advanced technology, and we wish to prevail Japanese style of care.

We do our best in refining, too.
*Our company hasn’t got halal certification yet, but our articles are non-alcohol and non-animal.

About Factory in Hokkaido

Cosmetics of Hokkaido Beauty are produced at factory in Hokkaido, where nature is abundant and air is fresh. All materials used in cosmetics are took care, natural, non-alcohol and non-animal. In the factory, products are not manufactured by machines, but created by hand of craftsman one by one. As cosmetics are used on the skin directly, they are effective and safe.


Explanation of Products

It covers your skin directly like a pack.

It covers your skin directly like a pack. Your skin is washed and taken care in the same time. It protects “the original humidity of the skin”, which is a key factor for a beautiful skin, and focuses on soil, detaches it from your skin and washes off. Your skin will be moisturized and elastic like a marshmallow.

How to Use

Put product (about 2cm) on foaming net, and foam with cold water or warm water. Cover the foam which is spread on the whole face, wash drawing large circles, and wash off well.

・It is a face wash which needs to be foamed by net.
We recommend you to use the exclusive foaming net which is attached.
・If you are made up, please make off before face washing.

■Tips for making marshmallow foam
1 Moisturize foaming net sufficiently, put the face wash a proper quantity, and rub softly foaming net so that it will contain air. If it doesn’t foam well, add cold water or warm water little by little.
1 Afterwards, take the foam from the foaming net and cover your face with the foam.
*Don’t pull the string or the net strongly.

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Active Components

*About Black Silica

Black silica is a natural and rare mineral which is yield only in Hokkaido, and contains many natural minerals. It radiates extreme infrared radiation and minus ion at a high level. In Japan, it is used for stone sauna, and it is popular because it activates cells of skin. Both oily skin and dry skin will be better, and your skin will be moisturized by mineral components. Black silica will remove propionibacterium acnes on pimples on the skin, and make your skin smooth.

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*About Carbon

Carbon is used for Japanese beauty from long time ago, and its black colour has various beauty effects. Carbon makes the skin brighter, wash off excess melanin, and regain bright skin.

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